4 year(s) & 4 month(s) old . 35 CM / 10 KG

Joined the shelter : 18-04-2023
Life in a city/apartment : OK
Walk on leash : OK
Home without an exterior :
Contact with other dogs : GOOD
Life with cats : POSSIBLE**
Contact with children : NOT TOO YOUNG*
Need for daily exercise : AVERAGE
Trauma : NO
Special needs :

Can a dog be more handsome than Ramón? We believe not. We introduce you to Ramón, a three and a half year old “bodeguero andaluz” breed dog ​​with the most conquering look ever seen. He is super sweet, affectionate and the funniest of all: He loves jumping! For those looking to adopt smaller dogs, Ramón is medium in size: He measures 35cm shoulder height.

You will surely wonder how this beauty could have been abandoned. Well, sadly, the owner can no longer take care of him due to health problems. Ramón has always had an owner, but until now he has lived freely in the countryside, and this way of life, together with his breed, make him a very active dog. He’s also used to car/tractor noises and has no problem with them. For example, he’s great at repelling rats and mice! Now, although this life in the open air has taught him many things, it has also prevented him from learning others, such as walking on a leash. He is used to being independent and running freely, what dog wouldn’t want this with the whole field in front of him! He is also used to defending its territory and may run after wild boars or foxes. In general, Ramón has not received much training and, therefore, there are many things that he still does not know. For this reason, whoever adopts this beauty will need patience to teach him everyday situations such as walking on a leash or basic obedience. We are sure that this will not be a problem for him since he has proven to be extremely intelligent.

In addition to being great with humans and strangers, he gets along well with dogs as long as they have good communication (he could be rective to dogs with bad communication) and is also curious about cats, although not crazy about them. For Ramón, we want a home who doesn’t have young kids, since when he gets excited, he can bit slightly (not aggresively), which could be problematic with kids. In general, we would prefer for Ramón a home with a low stress level and in which the family already has experience with dogs.

Ramón has low-level Leishmaniosis (a parasitic disease caused in dogs by a mosquito bite) and is currently taking two medications, which his adoptive family should provide him with: Leisguard, which strengthens the immune systems, and Allopurinol (6- 12 months), which fights the parasite and can reverse the disease.

We believe that an active family with patience that can spend time educating him as he deserves would be ideal for Ramón. A dog school where they teach him what he hasn’t learned yet would also be a great idea to make him progress fast. Ramon is a diamond in the rough. If you have already decided to be the one who is going to make him shine, get in touch with us!

Adoption costs for dogs  : ADULT 180€ / PUPPY 120€ All animals available for adoption have a microchip and passport. They have been tested for common diseases (Leishmania for dogs, FeLV and FIV for cats). Adult animals are fully vaccinated and castrated.

* Until complete adaptation, adult supervision with small children is essential.

** This means we have tested the dog with cats in the shelter and has shown no reactive behaviour, but this does not guarantee 100% compatibility with cats. Therefore, we always advise that cats and dogs are together only under surveillance.