URGENT! Our shelter is in crisis. The increase in dogs and cats has skyrocketed expenses. Public aid only covers 11% of the annual costs, and private donations are not enough. Our facilities are collapsing, and the animals are stressed. We owe over 10,000 euros to veterinarians, and the bills keep increasing. In May alone, we received 37 dogs. PLEASE, HELP US (donate, become a member, volunteer, or foster)

6 year(s) & 3 month(s) old . 48 CM

Joined the shelter : 22-01-2023
Life in a city/apartment : OK (WITH MUZZLE)
Home without an exterior : OK
Walk on leash :OK
Contact with other dogs : With a proper introduction and working on mutual acceptance
Life with cats : NO**
Contact with children : ?*
Need for daily exercise : HIGH
Health : GOOD
Trauma : NO
Special needs : PPP LICENCE

Our sweet Nora is an American Staffordshire Terrier that was abandoned near the shelter, tied to a fence. She was accidentally discovered there by one of our employees at the shelter. Nobody knows how long the poor ting had to endure in this condition, without food and water. Nora was very overwhelmed by the situation. She was scared and didn’t understand why her owner just left her there alone. Nora wanted to protect herself and barked at everyone who approached her. After a certain time, with a lot of patience and the support of a dog trainer, we finally managed to free Nora from the fence and bring her to the animal shelter. It seemed like the world had collapsed for Nora. She was very insecure and didn’t understand the situation she was suddenly in. The first few days, Nora needed rest, time and understanding. She didn’t want anyone entering her box. After a few days, however, when Nora realized that we only wanted to help her and give her the time she needed to find her way around, she opened up.

One morning one of our employees squatted in front of her box and fed her. She wagged her tail tentatively. At that moment our employee decided to try if I could enter her box. And sure enough, she allowed her to go into the box. She talked to her and was allowed to pet Nora for the first time. She was very touched by it. From that day on the ice was broken. Nora opened up more and more and is now slowly showing who she really is.

Nora is a sweet, cuddly, attentive dog who likes human contact very much. Nora was definitely trained in her old life, because she knows individual commands like sit or give a paw. If you want to put the harness on her for a walk, she sits down and behaves really well. Nora loves to play and just be in contact and communication with people. That’s why it would be nice if she could swap the kennel in the animal shelter for a good home of her own.

When you take her for a walk, she pulls a bit on the leash at first. After a while, however, she relaxes and walks through the fields by her human. Due to the high level of dog rotation that we have at the shelter, we have not yet been able to incorporate Nora into a group. So far she has been curious and friendly with other dogs through the fence and when walking with them in a group. We believe that with a proper introduction and working on acceptance, she could live well with other dogs.

For Nora, we want people with dog experience who know how to give a dog security and guidance in a positive and friendly way. We think that Nora will quickly bond with her new family and will certainly be a faithful companion for life. Nora would like sporty people who like to go jogging or cycling with her. People who like to take long walks in nature and like to experience adventures here and there in a rural environment are the perfect people for our Nora. When Nora is being exercised both physically and mentally, she is sure to show herself around the house as a relaxed, calm dog. After a walk in the shelter, she likes to lie down in the sun and doze off.

Since Nora is a PPP dog, the new family needs a license to adopt her. The process is not complicated and Nora is totally worth applying for this license. If you have any questions, we are at your disposal.

Have you already fallen in love with our smooch ball Nora? Then contact us so that she can soon exchange the cold concrete kennel for a warm bed. Thanks very much!

Adoption costs for dogs  : ADULT 180€ / PUPPY 120€ All animals available for adoption have a microchip and passport. They have been tested for common diseases (Leishmania for dogs, FeLV and FIV for cats). Adult animals are fully vaccinated and castrated.

* Until complete adaptation, adult supervision with small children is essential.

** This means we have tested the dog with cats in the shelter and has shown no reactive behaviour, but this does not guarantee 100% compatibility with cats. Therefore, we always advise that cats and dogs are together only under surveillance.