URGENT! Our shelter is in crisis. The increase in dogs and cats has skyrocketed expenses. Public aid only covers 11% of the annual costs, and private donations are not enough. Our facilities are collapsing, and the animals are stressed. We owe over 10,000 euros to veterinarians, and the bills keep increasing. In May alone, we received 37 dogs. PLEASE, HELP US (donate, become a member, volunteer, or foster)


The purpose of this survey is to find the optimal dog-person combination, so that both are happy after adoption. Please answer each question below, as clearly as possible, and elaborate on your answers as much as you want or think necessary.

We sincerely thank you for reading and completing this questionnaire and we apologize for the personal nature of some questions that may have bothered you. I hope you understand that our utmost concern is the welfare of animals.

A cordial greeting.