7 year(s) & 9 month(s) old . 55 CM

Joined the shelter : 04-12-2022
Life in a city/apartment : OK
Home without an exterior : OK
Walk on leash :OK
Travel by car : OK
Contact with other dogs : GOOD
Life with cats : ?
Contact with children : ?
Need for daily exercise : HIGH
Health : GOOD
Trauma : NO
Sterilized : YES
Special needs : EXPERIENCE

Yango grew up in a family since he was a puppy, accepts other dogs and gets along well with children. He is a sensitive dog and, used to having a home and being part of family, he needs a lot more attention than we can give him at the shelter, as well as a place where he can relax. The stress caused in the shelter, where he can’t rest, has made him lose a lot of weight and is making him sick. In addition to being used to having a home, he is a Belgian Shepherd, which is a working breed that needs much more stimulation and exercise than we can give him in the shelter. For this reason, we urgently need a foster home that can satisfy this fellow genius for walks, company and satisfy his curiosity through games.

Yango was abandoned because his owner could not afford him economically. This change has been and continues to be very difficult for him. In the months he’s been in the shelter, we have been able to get to know him well. As is typical of his breed, he tends to develop a very strong bond with one person and has already developed a very close and intimate relationship with his favourite person. Yango is very cuddly and affectionate. However, the owner told us that Yango could react to men and other dogs. In the shelter, his caretaker touches Yango anywhere on his body, caresses his stomach, hugs him… Basically Yango allows her to do everything to him. Between Yango and her a relationship of mutual trust has been forged and Yango is shown to be an extremely obedient, faithful and loyal companion. Yango has also no problem with other shelter volunteers or visitors (including men) and permits them to pet him. He also has regular contact with other dogs, both male and female. He likes to walk with them and be relaxed and friendly with his canine companions, so we haven’t been able to detect any problems with his communication. In fact, one morning, a volunteer came to the shelter and found two puppies in Yango’s area. The pups had been thrown over the fence at night and Yango had lovingly cared for them and been very kind to them all night.

Yango desperately needs someone to bond with: someone who will commit to working with him every day, take him for walks often, and take him on adventures with him. Yango is already very obedient, calm, knows how to drive and is used to walking both in the city and in the countryside. Yango is very human oriented and cooperates with people excellently. For him, the ideal owner would be a single woman or a couple with canine experience who can read dog language well. Yango needs constant, loving guidance, and his adopter must be adventurous and willing to put in the time to work with him. Once Yango has established a relationship with his human, he is incredibly loyal and obedient: he would literally do anything for you. He is simply waiting for you to discover him and fall in love with him to open his heart to you.

Gastos de adopción perros : ADULTO 180€ / CACHORRO 120€

Todos los animales disponibles para adopción tienen microchip y pasaporte. Han sido probados para enfermedades comunes (Leishmania para perros, FeLV y FIV para gatos). Los animales adultos están completamente vacunados y castrados.

* Hasta su total adaptación con niños pequeños la supervisión de un adulto es esencial.

** Esto significa que hemos hecho un examen de compatibilidad con gatos en la protectora y que el perro no se ha mostrado reactivo, pero esto no garantiza la compatibilidad con gatos al 100%, de modo que recomendamos vigilar siempre la interacción entre ambos.