OZZY 0 year(s) & 10 month(s) old

Contact with children : GOOD*
Contact with other cats : GOOD
Contact with dogs : ?
Contact with people : GOOD
Special needs :?

Ozzy is the sweetest little thing you will ever find: All he wants to do is be with humans and other cats, he loves cuddles, playing and lots of attention. Just watch his videos to see how adorable and gentle he is!

This little kitten was found at a veterinary surgery in Alcañiz. He was there since he was around two weeks old because he had a problem in his intestines. We don’t know if he was born this way or if this is the result of having suffered a dog attack. In any case, this little guy has been through 3 surgeries on his intestines to try and repair his anal fistula and he’s scheduled for a further operation in the next few weeks.

Despite this traumatic start to life, this adorable cat has the most loving soul, and he’s waiting for someone who will give him the protection and love he deserves back. 

All animals available for adoption have a microchip and passport. They have been tested for common diseases (Leishmania for dogs, FeLV and FIP for cats). Adult animals are fully vaccinated and castrated.

* Hasta su total adaptación con niños pequeños la supervisión de un adulto es esencial.