9 year(s) & 5 month(s) old . 35 CM / ap. 10 KG

Joined the shelter : 02-05-2023
Life in a city/apartment : OK
Walk on leash :OK
Home without an exterior :
Contact with other dogs : GOOD
Life with cats : OK**
Contact with children : GOOD*
Need for daily exercise : AVERAGE
Health : GOOD
Trauma : NO
Special needs :


Hello everyone! We’re very excited to introduce you to our beautiful Canela, a 9-year-old female podenco who unfortunately has been left alone because her owner died very recently. Anyone who meets Canela will quickly realize that she has been loved and cared for because she is super sociable and loves humans: She loves to receive attention from everyone around her and doesn’t stop until everyone has given her some love. She may be a bit shy at first, especially if you are a big man and have a strong voice, but her desire to be loved and cared for is much more powerful than her initial shyness, so even though at first she may just be watching strangers, he immediately goes to them to get their attention.

Canela walks wonderfully on a leash and is very obedient. If you say no to something, she stops doing what she was doing. Currently, she is in a foster home with another dog and she gets along very well with him. Inside the house they play a lot with each other, but outside her partner plays rough and she still doesn’t know how to respond to this roughness. She is not interested in going for a ball and bringing it to you either. In sum, we could say that Canela is more of a princess: She loves to play but in a softer way. In her previous life she lived with cats. At her foster home, she is still getting used to the new cats. Although she may try to chase them because she’s still getting to know them, if you tell her no! She will stop dead. We believe that it is just a matter of her getting used to her new feline companions and that she will not have problems with them in the future, since she lived with them in the past.

At home, Canela sleeps a lot and, when you go outside, she wants to go with you wherever you go. Now she lives in a house in the country and we can say that she has watchdog abilities, since when someone new arrives, she barks to alert you. However, she quickly becomes friends with the person as soon as she sees that they are acquaintances.

Due to her age, she has medium energy levels and we think she could adapt to apartment life, as long as she is given several walks a day that allow her to exercise properly. However, a house in the country with a fenced area where she can run freely would also be ideal for her. Canela is a dog with an easy personality and lots of love to give. It’s impossible not to fall in love with her! If you have already have fallen for her, please contact us.

Adoption costs for dogs  : ADULT 180€ / PUPPY 120€ All animals available for adoption have a microchip and passport. They have been tested for common diseases (Leishmania for dogs, FeLV and FIV for cats). Adult animals are fully vaccinated and castrated.

* Until complete adaptation, adult supervision with small children is essential.

** This means we have tested the dog with cats in the shelter and has shown no reactive behaviour, but this does not guarantee 100% compatibility with cats. Therefore, we always advise that cats and dogs are together only under surveillance.