BAMBI 2 year(s) & 2 month(s) old

Life in a city/apartment : ?
Home without an exterior : OK
Contact with other dogs : BUENO
Life with cats : ?
Contact with children : ?
Need for daily exercise : AVERAGE
Health : GOOD
Trauma : NO
Special needs : NO

A very hopeful “Hello” from our newcomer Bambi!

A hunter left Bambi in the shelter at the beginning of December 2022 because, according to him, she was not well adapted as a hunting dog. Perhaps our sweet little dog did not have enough instincts to chase, bite and catch the hunters’ prey? They did not explain it to us in detail. In any case, we don’t care about her hunting skills but her big heart and the great potential she shows in her relationship with the world around her.

When she was a cub, Bambi lost an eye due to an infection. Apart from a few outings to go hunting, she spent the first two years of his life with hardly any contact with humans, living with his pack mates. As a result, she is unfamiliar with many everyday situations and seems a bit insecure at times. However, she is very open and curious and has been quick to be touched and cuddled by people in the shelter. Now she never seems to get enough love!

Bambi is very well integrated into a group of dogs and gets along well with all of them. She tends to be rather submissive and avoid conflict. On her first test walk she was in a very good mood despite not being used to walking on a leash, and she licked all the people and dogs she met.

We are sure that Bambi has everything it takes to quickly get used to living with people. She would be comfortable both being the only dog in the house and sharing the home with other dogs. As a Griffon cross, she is likely to be enthusiastic about activities like tracking and generally using her excellent nose.

If you look closely at her photos and videos, you will immediately realize the love and curiosity that she shows towards everything new. The small eye that remains always shows interest and caution to what may happen. And the truth is that that look melts, right? We can also assure one thing: having only one eye does not prevent our sweet Bambi from having a totally normal life.

Can you imagine already putting a bed next to the heating for this adorable pirate? Can you see yourself choosing some pretty bowls for her food? If you can already see your life together with her, please contact us!

All animals available for adoption have a microchip and passport. They have been tested for common diseases (Leishmania for dogs, FeLV and FIP for cats). Adult animals are fully vaccinated and castrated.

* Until complete adaptation, adult supervision with small children is essential.